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Oriental Solutions is a young and a dynamic company, involved in providing end-to-end solution to information process and document management needs. We, at Oriental Solutions are primarily engaged in offering health care and medical transcription services to other companies. Apart from that, we also work for automotive and consumer goods / services verticals.

For us, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we believe in a long-lasting client partnership based on mutual trust and respect. We delivers in nurturing and preserving our relationship with our clients by delivery the best services to them. Our operational model gives us a competitive edge, by focusing on quality and reliability of service delivered through an offshore platform.

Our quality service, competitive pricing, competent and swift response to the medical transcription process and business solutions, enables the progress and advancement of our clients.

Why should you choose us?

  • We are cost-effective and consistently deliver high quality output based on our client needs.
  • Choose us for quality and reliability
  • We offer the best end-to-end solution
  • We understand the needs of our clients on the operational, business and enterprise level, that enable us to offer the best and to help them in their own client capability
  • Maintain expertise in our field through high quality training and continuous development of our people.
  • Maintaining asset and data security by engaging the most advanced internet security technologies at all times.

What Services We Offer

Oriental Solutions is a premium yet cost effective, end-to-end solution provider of Information processing and Document management needs.

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At Oriental solutions, we want our employees to succeed and strive to create a culture in which our workforce can learn and grow. We recognize that our most valuable asset is our human resources - our people, and because of that, we continuously strive to attract, motivate, develop and retain quality people.

We are an equal opportunity employer with teamwork, growth, recognition and achievement as part of our values.

If you would like more information about an open position, write to us at info@orientalsolutions.com

Client Testimonials

"Oriental Solutions has been our first choice when it came to outsourcing our health care solutions"

COO, leading Healthcare
Organization, CA, USA