What is it?

Our medical transcription process strictly adheres to the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA is a collection of regulatory and legal requirements designed to govern the increased electronic transfer of health relation information.

This law is mandatory and ensures the continuity of healthcare coverage for individuals. It includes stringent provisions that has a huge impact on the management of health information, and it also helps in simplifying the administration of health insurance and aims to combat waste, fraud and abuse in healthcare and health insurance.

The objective of HIPAA

The prime objective of this organization which came into force in 1996 is to protect and safeguard the patient information, while it is transmitted over the internet.

We, at Oriental Solutions have been focused on this objective from the day we started the process of medical transcription. We know how important and confidential is to safeguard the patient’s information and HIPAA regulations have been very helpful in maintaining it.

HIPAA guidelines are today creating improvement in healthcare industry.

In Oriental Solutions, we follow a set of administrative procedures and policies that are based on HIPAA guidelines, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of all the information, related to the patient. This security of patient information calls for a signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or confidentiality statement by all associates.

We ensure that all our services exceed the HIPAA guidelines in the four categories:

  • Administrative Procedures
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Security Services
  • Security Mechanisms

All the privacy and security guidelines are updated periodically based on the inputs given by the HIPAA consultants.

To know more on HIPAA, click on the link: http://www.hipaa.org

Our contribution towards the goal of protecting the health information:

  • Encryption technology for transmission of information
  • Security measures to assure that the production facility and our corporate office is safeguarded from unauthorized individuals
  • Restricted users to data center. Restricted entry via IDs and password that has to be changed periodically.
  • Measures in place that ensures any user passing by a workstation could not inadvertently access patient information
  • Data backup and storage plan in place
  • Availability of patient data via redundant computer system
  • Systematic audit trails that traces all actions from audio file input through completed report distribution
  • User access privileges that are based on title, experience level, department or access requirements assigned by the organization

Association with HIPAA

With HIPAA compliance, we have established a protocol for information security and to manage the information security required by the clients. We believe in effective organization-wide privacy and security awareness, thus we tend to implement corporate private and security policy by HIPAA.

The validation of current operational and technical business practices ensure privacy and security of protected health information. Besides that, we also concentrate on development, implementation and monitoring of privacy and security awareness, education and training program as well as compliance program.

We help in assisting our clients in the ongoing process of negotiating and finalizing the required business associate requirements.

Moving forward, we are making efforts to be knowledgeable and responsive with regards to any changes in the final privacy rule and security rule as well as to act as a compliant business associate.

Our data encryption facility ensures the privacy of your data that flows between your web browser and our servers on our dedicated and isolated data-communication lines with well-planned contingency procedures. All the data transported is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption using security certificates.

We work with the most trusted companies and use the industry’s most cutting edge technologies to deliver, updated and manage security & compliance mechanisms in a safe environment for all your transcription data.

We give our customers a friendly, comfortable and safe environment. To achieve this, we ensure that our customers identify themselves to our servers in a secure manner via a dual-method authentication system.

The login information is stored on our physically secure servers in an encrypted format which makes it completely protected and unreadable from external harm and any fraudulent activity.

All the patient’s data is secured when it is transmitted. The data is encrypted using strong encryption technique on the device before it is sent over the internet.

We ensure that all the data stored is protected by firewall, to avoid any intrusion and hacking. The secured networks assigned by us have a “non-routable” network addresses that are invalid for use on the public internet and cannot be accessed directly.

The activities like monitoring and complete logging of all activities that occur in our system, program and network is done to ensure that the information is changed only in a specified and authorized manner. Data integrity is maintained by undertaking an audit trail of each and every document.

Data is regularly saved using on-line and off-line data backup system and is kept in a fireproof setup protected by security guards round the clock.