Transcription & Translation

Oriental Solutions offers Medical Transcription services for Healthcare Service Providers. We have been transcribing medical dictation for the past ten years with speed and accuracy and handling turnaround schedules ranging from 2 to 24 hours with a 24/7/365 - day operation period.

Our professionally trained MTs offer expertise in transcribing multi-specialty records in various accents. Our transcription passes through a two-way quality check of Editing and Proofreading, so a 99.99% accuracy is guaranteed.

HIPAA regulations, confidentiality agreement, patient information protection and other ethical responsibilities are strictly adhered to. We sign a Non-Disclosure agreement for Data Security.

We provide our clients with the most flexible, scalable and hassle-free business solutions in the industry. Our customized transcription solutions and outstanding service make us the most user friendly company for medical transcription.